Find below a list of the most successful projects I designed and managed.


Moodle-Webex Integration allows Teachers/Instructors to interact with their students through scheduling Webex meetings directly from their LMS (Moodle). Students are able to join to Teachers meetings directly from the LMS.

This is a powerful integration for those who wants to interact with the students directly. It can be used in many ways.


– Teachers can schedule meetings directly from the LMS (Moodle).
– Students can access to the meeting directly from the LMS.
– SSO is included, so webex automatically recognize who is in the meeting.
– Students have a list of the coming meetings directly in the course page.
– Meetings are available in the student calendar.
– Students and Teachers can access to the history of all scheduled meetings.
– Students and Teachers can download the recorded file directly from the LMS.


Salesforce – Moodle Integration allows Educational Companies to boost their Sales and Accounting department by simplifying the process of enrollments into their LMS with 1 single click. They can enroll/unenroll their Contact clients directly into Moodle courses from Salesforce with just 1 click. As a Team Leader and Project Manager, I’m very happy that I have brought 2 brilliant developers into my team, each one specialized on Salesforce and Moodle.

I’m totally responsible to drive this project to success. One of my duties is, to make an action plan and timeline as detailed as possible based on the project requirements.


Magento – Moodle integration (Based in Subscriptions) makes a big impact in companies who focus on selling subscriptions courses… it allows user to interact with 2 different platforms with the feeling of using one. Your customers can purchase a subscription course directly in your Magento site and then use the Moodle platform to do the course without noticing the change (Having the same look and feel), of course, your customers will be enrolled into the course(s) while their subscription is active.

For this project we have implemented the following features:

– Single Sign On feature.
– Auto-enrollment feature (based on subscriptions).
– Gift card / Voucher Module.
– Magento and Moodle Theme (Same look and feel).
– Subscription Custom Module.

I had an excellent team that made this project an excellent product.


Woo – LMS Integration allows you to sell your online courses through WooCommerce and have the LMS to automatically handle the enrollments and user access to these courses. Including the Single Sign On (SSO) feature, your users can access go from your WooCommerce site to your LMS site without login again to the LMS. Another special feature of the integration is that you can make your LMS identical to your WooCommerce site and your users will not even notice they are on a different platform when they access to the LMS.

This integration is great for companies who wants to offer a complete and automate solution to their customers without the need of additional resources.


Turn a simple Power Point presentation into an interactive course with Voice Over. The objective of these courses is to train the employees of an organization to provide a better service.