ELIS Class Instance customization

How to add, edit or remove a column from the class instance table?

  1. Open the file: local/elisprogram/pmclasspage.class.php
  2. Search for the function display_default() which looks like this


Then search for the following piece of code:

$columns = array(

It would look like this:


You can add, edit or remove the columns on this array, it will be reflected on the Class Instance table. Now let’s see how we can add content to the new column.

  1. Open the file local/elisprogram/lib/managementpage.class.php
  2. Add a new function that starts with get_item_display_mycolumname() and return what you want to display. Note: See that the convention is get_item_display_ and you will see other functions similar which control startdate and other columns