PHP Developer

Some of my projects


Class Instance Solution for Moodle + Custom needs

Problem: The client has a pure PHP website where they are allowed to create classes and control fully those classes on many different ways, they wanted a similar system inside Moodle that behaves as similar as possible to their system.

Solution: I suggested ELIS plugins which allows you to create class instances, ELIS served as a strong base. From there,  I customized ELIS to meet some specific requirements, for example: Allow the admin to include locations on every class instance and these locations, could be added, edited and removed. Generate automatically a random class instance number which is unique. ELIS is a complex system with complex data structure.



Self-study course Requests Solution for Moodle

Problem: The client needed a way to allow their students to request physical copies of courses (external to Moodle) that were delivered to their locations upon request and also request courses on external platforms. Allow management of the requests and the ability to view somehow whether a student completed these type of courses or not.

Solution: I designed and created 2 plugins, 1 to allow the students to see the list of available courses to request, the other one to allow the admin to create these type of courses and manage the requests, as well for the students to see their request and allow the course completion, here you can find the pre-design workflow, and the plugin result on the images below:



Problem: The client needed to hide all the pricing for non-logged in users, fix some link images that were not working, change some specifics colors and to improve the design of the site.

Solution: I modified the code to accomplish this, removed some bad functions plugins from different vendors which was causing many issues on the site, the css to fix the colors was added and made some improvements to the site design.




Problem: The client wanted to add images on the front-page with specific width and height which they could manage and replicate easily.

Solutions: I added Divs on the front-page code for the images blocks and an easy Tutorial that they could use every time they wanted to add or delete more images.



CJC Medical

Problem: The client had a website with background colors that were the same as the text colors so, some text couldn’t be readable, also wanted to improve some backgrounds.

Solution: I suggested and implemented colors combination that people likes, so it makes the site simple and easy to read. As a plus to my service, I designed a Banner with no cost that made the site look much better.